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We are a management and operations consulting firm helping corporations, healthcare systems and individuals gain more from everything they do and prepare to do, quintessentially becoming More Effective. 

We focus on bottom line results and we guarantee at least a 3 to 1 return on your investment.  We save companies millions of dollars through realized solutions in productivity, inventory costs, cost avoidance and throughput (increased sales & satisfaction)!

Achieving those results is done by introducing your culture with incremental solutions that are sustained through our leadership, methodical approaches and innovative tools.

We primarily serve manufacturers, hospitals & banks, but our methodologies can be applied & tailored to any industry or complex process.

Industries we have served include hospital, health clinic, health laboratory, insurance, semiconductor, automotive, electronics, textile, rental equipment, product manufacturing, re-manufacturing, job-shop, pharmaceutical, food processing, bio-tech, injection molding, aerospace, medical device, chemical, telecommunication, confectionary (chocolate!), fiber optics, retail, small business, universities, esthetics, service administration, R&D, warehousing and fulfillment/distribution centers.

We have created the More Effective Theory - a mindset and acting force that focuses on habits, acts on purpose, thrives on innovation, and relentlessly pursues that purpose to maximize success. This theory enables our services to be unmatched and our products to exceed expectations.

We pride ourselves on bringing practical, innovative products that bring life back into learning and solving problems. We create simple tangible tools as well as software related models for you to simplify tasks and kick start your Lean or Six Sigma journey. To date, we have certified over 500 individuals and trained more than 6000 in Lean and 6 Sigma thinking.  We have also conducted over 400 Kaizen & 5S events to bring breakthrough results for continuous improvement.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and invite you to join our list of satisfied customers and clients (view our success stories below). We hope you return shortly to see new innovations and service promotions. Please check out our Flagship product Lean E.D. and other related links!



More Effective Consulting, LLC. comprise an experienced team devoted to the theory and application of our products and services, as well as giving back to the community. Each expert brings between 15 to 30 years of experience from working on both sides of the fence. Our expert's biographies and contact information is either below or readily available.

MATT MORRISSETTE, CEO & Principal Consultant

Matt Morrissette Master Black Belt Consultant

Matt offers more than 20 years of experience as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, industrial engineer, trainer, change agent and management consultant helping small to large hospitals, banks, non-profits and Fortune 25 to 1000 manufacturing corporations.

Matt’s “Lean Thinking” pedigree stems from Freudenberg-NOK, Toyota Motor Corporation, Motorola and a vast array of businesses that have successfully forged through continuous improvement initiatives.  Since 2001, Matt has also helped more than 100 hospitals transform their business utilizing Lean Healthcare and Six Sigma tools and techniques.

Matt offers more than 20 years of experience as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, industrial engineer, trainer, change agent and management consultant helping small to large hospitals, banks, non-profits and Fortune 25 to 1000 manufacturing corporations.

Matt’s “Lean Thinking” pedigree stems from Freudenberg-NOK, Toyota Motor Corporation, Motorola and a vast array of businesses that have successfully forged through continuous improvement initiatives.  Since 2001, Matt has also helped more than 100 hospitals transform their business utilizing Lean Healthcare and Six Sigma tools and techniques.

• Cumulative cost savings amounting to nearly $35 million dollars
• Worked with more than 100 corporations across North America and Western Europe and 100 hospitals in the US and Canada.
• Trained nearly 3,500 employee’s in Lean Healthcare, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, quality and performance improvement
• Performed over 400 Lean Kaizen events that total over $15 million in cost savings
• Managed over 75 industrial projects including outsourcing, new equipment installs & logistics, plant consolidation, ERP/IT Systems Implementations and commercial design-build construction saving $100,000 to $2 million dollars on each project.
• Designed over 35 manufacturing/hospital facilities ranging from 1,000 to 1 million square feet
• In 2004, Matt created the first Lean Healthcare simulation product Lean E.D.
. Lean E.D. is the only Lean Healthcare simulation product sold on the market that contains 100% reference to hospitals. More than 100 Lean E.D.'s have been sold globally - even the largest Health System in the world - Apollo (India).
• Along with Lean E.D.
, Matt has 7 other Lean products patent pending: Lean Inpatient& Lean Outpatient, Lean Surgery™, Lean Setup!Lean Airplane, Lean Hotel™ and Vision Map

Matt’s exceptional understanding of the human side of change and a value driven world allow him to relate to people, listen to what they are truly after, and provide ideas and solutions that enable More Effective success.

Chris Peahl: Principal, Manufacturing Industry

2nd profile picturemod3.jpg

Chris brings with him a breadth of manufacturing industry consulting experiences that provide clients with a cadre of solutions and breadth of deployment skills to see and solve untapped potential. Chris has years of experience in quality and Lean Six Sigma that have yielded clients bottom and top line results - as well as allow clients to realize their inordinate potential.

Chris helps clients in difficult growth, flow and process design challenges by providing lean and quality driven perspectives that award clients with flexibility in decision making and their leadership tactics. Clients appreciate the spectrum of his expertise from the shop floor, office or supply chain given either a domestic or international understanding to executive team facilitation and strategic advice.

Whether it is in the fine weeds or executive boardroom, Chris has passion for finding the root causes, aligning goals and becoming hands-on through facilitating change and achieving real results.  Chris can teach all aspects of quality, including 6Sigma, ISO (and internal auditor training), 5S, mistake proofing, standard work, root cause-corrective action and simplified excel quality tools.  From an industry dominated with logical thinking requires an enormous level of Chris' energy and skill to understand, guide and teach critical thinking and scientific related change and problem solving methods to a very dynamic industry with WIFM (What's In It For Me) thinkers.  Chris joined our team after spending time with dozens of domestic and international manufacturers.

Steve Bonacorsi: Senior Management Consultant & LSS Master Black Belt

Steve offers over 20 years of experience with small to large corporations leading and coaching them through transforming their business. Steve's executive coaching and strategic project management has led each engagement to begin its cultural change building a solid foundation, develop its tactical plans and organizational solutions to drive change, and facilitate management through years of continuous improvement yielding growth, savings and profits.

His unbiased and critical thinking has helped transform his client engagements from good to great. Steve has inordinate specialization in using the spectrum of industrial engineering and Lean-Six Sigma tools that solve critical problems and sustain years of continuous improvement.  

Steve has amassed a global Lean Six Sigma presence and dominance in the social media space. Bringing in and sharing knowledge amongst hundreds of thousands of leaders in Lean Six Sigma. Within minutes Steve can rally, activate, and energize knowledge, news and general information that helps thousands daily engage and help in the world of Lean Six Sigma. Steve has worked with hundreds of companies and industries adopt and improve their enterprise using Lean Six Sigma as a strategy, training program, specific operational solution or as a consultative partner.  

Steve can help in any area of a business and has specialties in Kaizen rapid improvement teams, building Lean Six Sigma organizations from scratch, transactional, IT or service based six sigma, and operations management.

Brian Whitehouse: Six Sigma Master Black Belt

A Master Black Belt with more than 25 years experience in quality and performance of businesses, processes and products.  He is the quintessential improvement Marine to take with you in any six sigma battlefield.  He has extensive experience in automotive, electronics, metal stampings, and plastics industries.  Brian has inordinate knowledge and a breadth of experience in six sigma, lean manufacturing, quality engineering, manufacturing management, and ISO/QS9000 quality systems.  Brian is versed in Minitab where he teaches the full array of statistics and six sigma to help clients solve their problems or teach them new skills.

Some specific examples of his experience:

  • Certified over 450 green and black belts in six sigma training and projects

  • Managed 7 product lines responsible for over 400 hourly union employees, supervisors, 2 schedulers, and 2 expediters for seven distinct product lines serving the Automotive Industry.

  • Saved companies over $15 Million dollars in cumulative savings

  • Managed ISO implementations and auditing programs

  • Served lean manufacturing projects as Kaizen leader in projects encompassing 3P (Production Planning Process, 5S, Productivity, Cycle Time reduction and Quality)

  • Established Lean Performance Management Systems for three manufacturing companies that aligns shop floor performance results with P&L effectiveness.

Steven Millette: Principal Management Consultant

Steven’s passion and expertise is in problem solving the most challenging situations that may be spread across a process or an entire business.  He has primarily aided manufacturing and service type businesses around the globe of varying sizes.  Since his role as Global VP of Operations for a Fortune 300 firm, Steven has been transforming businesses through executive coaching, supply chain management, project management where ROI and global manufacturing optimization is imperative.  Steven conducts business assessments, executive strategy and organizational evaluations, sales and operations coaching programs with advice for global capacity, growth and efficiency.

For more than a decade in consulting, clients have appreciated the spectrum of Steven's expertise and results in changing organizations, changing the culture and changing the long term efficacy and sustainment of growth.  Steven has worked with all levels of an organization from executive and supervisory boards to private ownership members to kaizen teams and managers within each transformation.  Steven has experience in a variety of industries such as capital equipment manufacturing, healthcare, vineyards, IT, high quality products, electronics manufacturing and business services.


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Every client of ours has continued to seek our advice and expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, Six Sigma, facility layout design, training products and so much more . . .
Our Clients span many industries and we pride ourselves on helping the following companies improve their capacity, cash flow and competitiveness.
Our consulting niche is accelerating the cultural change process and realizing bottom line savings.  We offer a 3 to 1 savings guaranteed and a 90%+ success rate obtaining grant reimbursement money up to 100%!
We would like to thank the following companies who sought our advice, facilitation and continuation of business!

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Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation Kaizen Facility Design Certification Training ISO

Thank you for your contributions since 2006. We accomplished more than I could have asked for!
Our continual improvement of greater than 30 inventory turns, 20% cycle time reduction and increased capacity by 33% were significantly contributed by More Effective Consulting. 90% of our employees were trained in Lean principles and 1/3 were involved in Kaizen events. We now have an internal Lean Champion who was trained by MEC.
MEC also assisted in developing a simulation exercise that will be used for training VS in Lean Principals. I look forward to using More Effective Consulting expertise in years to come to help further develop our most valuable resource (our employees) and improve our overall operating effectiveness.

Vice President of Operations
Vitronics Soltec, Inc. (sub. of Illinois Tool Works, NH, IL)

Our Client Success Stories!



Our Change Management Theory

Changing minds starts with four distinct belief systems.  These four belief systems work together as a team, not as a sequence of believing one thing after another or believing that if you follow one then you get the whole package. Believe in any one and you get one dimension results. Believe in all four and you get exponential results.  These belief systems are all embedded and infused in transformations.  Start believing in them today!

Four Belief Systems

1. Toppa:

Breaking through and Breakthrough's are possible and will happen.

2. Kaizen:

Continuous incremental steps while thinking long term commitment.

3. Poke-yoke:

Doing everything right the first time, every time.

4. Houshou:

Engage and you will be rewarded.

Lean Mindset & Lean 6Sigma Theory, More Effective Consulting
More Effective Theory Analysis