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Six Sigma For All Industries . . .

We help you apply Six Sigma to your specific industry with our proven experience and training simulation products to radically improve Cash Flow, Costs, Culture, Competitiveness and Capacity. We deploy our six sigma expertise typically in one of the following ways:

1) Assess and deploy SIX SIGMA across an entire organization for a more strategic and thorough approach

2) Train & Certify internal change agents (White, Yellow, Green or Black belts) to spread SIX SIGMA uniformly and quickly

3) Assess financial impact and deploy SIX SIGMA for maximum return on investment for short or long term gains

4) Conduct introductory SIX SIGMA & MiniTab statistical analysis training to acclimate you and your employees to this powerful business strategy and software

5) Create a custom workforce SIX SIGMA training initiative utilizing a state grant yielding our services for 50% - 100% free.

Six Sigma Assessment and Training
Six Sigma Assessment and Training

Since 2006, we have helped companies receive 50% to 100% grant reimbursement for SIX SIGMA projects.  We have 100% success rate in achieving grant money!  If you're located in Massachusetts there is a fantastic state grant yielding our services for free for any for-profit business.


Our clients appreciate our full service operational expertise.  Helping them train employees, redesign a hospital wing or factory floor, analyze P&L and balance sheet solutions and deploy large scale cost reduction or consolidation initiatives.

To get started, we can conduct a Six Sigma or executive assessment, Gemba walk, training workshop, Yellow Belt training session, DMAIC Facilitation, Vision Map/Value Stream Mapping session or Hoshin Kanri planning event.

Pursue SIX SIGMA - Contact Us Today!

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