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Lean Green Belt Certification Training
Lean Manufacturing
Green Belt Certification Class
September 7 - October 12, 2023              (6) Thursday's, All day, 8-5pm
*Class dates can change if needed
Primary Location: VJ Electronix, Chelmsford, MA
Secondary Location: Another facility for a Lean field trip

Class Information

Register & Pay

  1. 6 days (all Thursday's)

    • September 7, 14, 21, 28​

    • October 5, 12

  2. 8am start, 5pm finish​

    • (2) 15min breaks, (1) 1 hour lunch​

  3. Green Belt Certification​

    • Lean Green Belt Certification is an industry standard that ensures your Lean knowledge and experience are capable of leading KAIZEN events on your own and teaching Lean students the basics of Lean Thinking

    • Globally trusted & renown certification

    • Typical ROI = 3:1 to 8:1 per year

  4. Teacher: Matt Morrissette

    • Lean Master Black Belt, who has achieved over $35   million in cost savings, taught more than 3,500              Lean Thinkers & conducted over 350 Kaizen events.​

  5. Who should attend?​

    • Employees with great energy & attitude for improvement​

    • Supervisors & Area Leaders/Mgrs

    • Engineers & Purchasing/SupplyChain

    • Cost Accountants & IT staff

  6. >60% of class is hands-on​!

    • Project work, group & shop-floor exercises, Role-play, handout's, homework reviews, more than 5 hands-on simulations, MS Excel™ tools, Quizzes and 4 books you'll reference and notate

  7. What you get!!​

    1. Belt:  An embroidered Green Belt with MEC & Lean logo

    2. Certificate:  Official Green Belt Certificate as an industry expert in Lean Thinking

    3. Books:  Lean Thinking (audio), Lean & 5S Pocket Handbooks, LSS Handbook with over 100 tools

    4. Workbook:  Powerpoint Slides from our Lean compendium that include modules for Lean Thinking, Lean Drivers, Setup Time Reduction, Quality Tools, Process Capability, LPMS, Kaizen Teams, Lean Savings, Accountability Tools, 5S, Mapping Tools, and Lean Enterprise Deployment

    5. Templates:  Excel Workbook file with more than 20 sheets to deploy an effective Kaizen Event (incl. charter, audit & study sheets)

    6. Hands-on training:  Exercises that include Waste & 5S Walks, Time Studies, Process Mapping & Mistake-proofing

    7. Kaizen:  A completed or nearly completed (depending on you) Kaizen Event at your place of work that you complete DURING the 6 week class time​

  8. Class Logistics. . .​

  1. Class ID#: LGBMAR22

  2. Price per student:

    1. $2400 (one seat)​

    2. $2000 (buying multiple seats)

  3. Retain your spot by emailing us prior to payment​

  4. Questions during registration or payment​

    • Call/Text Matt: 603-801-3923​

  5. Receipts: You'll get an email with payment confirmation.​

  6. Once you pay, we are notified immediately

    • We will lock in your spot​

    • We will e-mail you a welcome message & a "macro" daily schedule

  7. Let us know if you need any accommodation, logistical or local help​

  8. Be ready to provide us (Before March 8th), 1 to 3 Kaizen project ideas that you will conduct during the class timeframe.  This is extremely important to your success!

    • We will help you prepare, don't worry!​

    • If you have multiple people from your same company, they can conduct a Kaizen together!

Click "Buy Now" to register & pay
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$2400pp (1 seat)

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$2000pp (>1 seat)

You don't have to have a "PayPal" account through this payment process.  "PayPal" is merely the "bank" used for the transaction.

VJ Electronix:

  • Manufacturer of capital equipment for the circuit board industry

  • On a Lean transformational Journey since 2020

  • Preparing to be a leader in Lean Thinking

  • Address: 19 Alpha Rd, Chelmsford, MA



  • Lunch, coffee, light snacks and refreshments will be provided during the day

  • Training will start promptly at 8:00am each day in the main conference room

  • You will need a laptop with Adobe Reader, Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.  You may share a laptop with another person.

  • Specific times of the day will be reserved for you to handle personal calls and business

Watch out!   You might end up like these guys!!

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