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Facility & Lean Design and Engineering

Before You Hire An Architect We Analyze Your Capacity, Product/Service Flows, Scheduling Constraints And Future Flexibility Considerations For Us To:

  1. Design adequate real estate and lease space (Design-Build) for Green-Field, Brown-Field or Relocation/Mergers

  2. Deliver a precise space plan & design to your architect that analyzes future growth, process capability and square foot value of your business

  3. Reduce long term maintenance and labor costs by designing optimal handling, distances, inventory, queue’s and capital purchases

  4. Create a realistic schedule that considers machine downtime, inventory and customer needs

Facility Design and Engineering
Macro Layout Design Micro Layout Design Detailed Layout Design Implementation Support AutoCAD

Our design & engineering methodology offers five levels of service.  We cover the sequence of events during a typical facility project.  We work with you up front to understand your needs, and tailor our deliverables to meet those needs.   Some of these activities can overlap to expedite a project timeline.

Diagnostic Study & Assessment

  • High level design and schedule analysis with rough cut capacity and space analysis

Macro Layout Design

  • Detailed capacity, space and equipment analysis, building sizing and design

Micro Layout Design

  • Design exact equipment, maintenance and operational elements

Detailed Layout Design

  • Create equipment install packages, workstation design, logistics and inventory schedules

Implementation Support

  • Manage equipment move and qualification schedule, customer inventory and orders

Explore some of our solutions you may need!

Capacity and Growth Analysis

Capacity & Growth Analysis

100,000 sq. ft. transition drawings to ensure minimal production interference and downtime

Transition Plan Drawings

Macro Layout Intra-Areas Sized and Positioned

Macro Layout Design

Congestion & Travel Distance Analysis

Congestion and Travel Distance Analysis

Affinity & Flow Analysis

Affinity and Flow Analysis

Detailed Workstation & Ergonomic Design

Detailed Workstation and Ergonomic Design

Detailed Material Handling Carts for fragile & expensive semiconductor wafers

Stations, Equipment & Ancillaries Positioned & Optimized

Stations, Equipment & Ancillaries Positioned & Optimized

Designing a Lean Production Cell

Designing a Lean Production Cell

Incorporating Standard Work, 5S, Takt Time, SWIP, U-Shape Cell, Jidoka, Heijunka & POUS (Point of Use Storage)

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