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The Best 'Intro to Lean' Handbook for less than $10!

Lean is the leading business strategy today...

Lean (a.k.a. Lean Thinking, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, Lean Banking, Lean etc.) is a systematic and structured approach to identify value and eliminate waste in any business process for the purpose of increasing profits and exceeding internal and external customer expectations.

The Lean Pocket Handbook is made for 6 different industries, is pocket-size (3.5" x 5"), has full color pages, and more...


LPH for HC.png

For all patient care applications


LPH for MFG.png

For all manufacturing & warehousing applications


LPH for Office.png

For all office (front/back) & admin. applications


LPH for Bank.png

For all banking & financial applications


LPH for HotelResort.png

For all hotel, resort & service applications


LPH for IT.png

For all IT & technology applications

50 pages of an overview, history, definitions, tools, formula's,  illustrations, examples, templates and games!


Vibrant colors and photo’s for the best comprehension

8 Lean Wastes.png

Simple for all levels of an organization to use


Use as a training aid or give-away's for all your Lean training.


Pocket size for quick access

Lean Pocket Handbook!

Lean Pocket Handbook was created & launched in 2021
Rated 5 Stars by Lean trainers

Awesome Features:​

  • Has specific photo's and wording tailored to your industry

  • Helps anyone learn what Lean is (Lean 101 level) 


  • 28 detailed definitions and examples of the most popular and commonly used Lean terms

  • Contains templates, formula's, illustrations & pictures

  • Perfect book for any intro to Lean training class (Lean 101, Awareness, White Belt, Yellow Belt)

  • Can be customized with your logo and tag line to better fit your audience, and at no extra cost!! (email us)

  • Ships within 24 hours . . . . Hand them out in 2 to 4 days from now!

  • Explains Pull Systems and 8 key Lean tools (e.g. heijunka)

Who Should Buy this??​

  1. Lean leaders (Lean transformation & journey leader)

  2. Area Supervisors (Employees can't hide these books in their work area!)

  3. All employees of your company (to know what Lean is)

  4. Kaizen/RIE/DMAIC/JDI project participants

  5. Lean 6 Sigma intro, 101, Awareness, and White Belt teachers

  6. Lean 6 Sigma Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black Belt sensei's

  7. Lean 6 Sigma trainers and consultants
  8. Lean 6 Sigma conference, seminar & workshop attendees

6 Books to Choose From.

Written specifically for your industry!

HOVER over to ZOOM in
Lean Handbook Page Examples.png
Please specify which book (Mfg, Healthcare, IT, Office, Banking, Hotel) during the payment process!

Item #: 5SPH-1 (Qty=1 - 4)

Price:  $9.46 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-5 (Qty=5)

Price:  $8.99 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-10 (Qty=10)

Price:  $8.54 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-50 (Qty=50)

Price:  $8.11 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-100 (Qty=100)

Price:  $7.71 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-200 (Qty=200)

Price:  $7.32 ea.

LPH for HC.png
LPH for MFG.png
LPH for Office.png
LPH for Bank.png
LPH for HotelResort.png
LPH for IT.png
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