The World's Leading 5S Handbook!

5S is the leading methodology to create and maintain a safe, organized, high performance workplace!

This 5S Pocket Handbook is made for 6 different industries, is pocket-size (3.5" x 5"), has full color pages, and more...

For all patient care applications

For all manufacturing & warehousing applications

50 pages of tips, step-by-step instructions, definitions, photo’s, how-to’s, examples, templates and do’s &don’ts


Vibrant colors and photo’s for the best comprehension

For all office (front/back) & admin. applications

For all banking & financial applications

For all hotel, resort & service applications

For all IT & technology applications

Simple for all levels of an organization to use


Use as a training aid or to help prepare for a 5S project


Pocket size for quick access

5S Pocket Handbook!

5S Pocket Handbook was created & launched in 2010
Rated 5 Stars by 5S trainers

Awesome Features:​

  • Has specific photo's and wording for your manufacturing company work areas

  • Helps you step-by-step how to implement 5S 


  • 4-6 pages explaining every S step

  • Contains templates, poster examples, how-to's, illustrations, do's & dont's, and easy to remember "catch phrases"

  • Comes in any quantity you want

  • Can be customized with your logo and tag line to better fit your audience

  • Ships within 24 hours . . . . Hand them out in 2 to 4 days from now!

  • Explains Work Area (Makes your work area optimal for efficiency, safety & quality of work and Work Flow (Makes the "inputs" and "outputs" flow more smoothly (less variation), systematically (consistent inputs and outputs) and with less waste

Who Should Buy this??​

  1. 5S leader (5S transformation & journey)

  2. Supervisors and employees (of areas to be 5S'd)

  3. All employees of your company (to know what 5S is)

  4. Kaizen/RIE/DMAIC project participants

  5. Lean 6 Sigma intro/101/White Belt class

  6. Lean 6 Sigma Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black Belt class

  7. 5S and Lean 6 Sigma trainers and consultants
  8. 5S and Lean 6 Sigma conference, seminar & workshop attendees

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Please specify which book (Mfg, Healthcare, IT, Office, Banking, Hotel) during the payment process!

Item #: 5SPH-1 (Qty=1 - 4)

Price:  $9.46 ea.

6 Books to Choose From.  Written specifically for your industry!

Item #: 5SPH-5 (Qty=5)

Price:  $8.99 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-10 (Qty=10)

Price:  $8.54 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-50 (Qty=50)

Price:  $8.11 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-100 (Qty=100)

Price:  $7.71 ea.

Item #: 5SPH-200 (Qty=200)

Price:  $7.32 ea.


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