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Lean Setup! Simulation Training Kit
Lean Setup! was Invented & launched in 2008

"This is such a FUN training game that made learning so FUN....the demanding boss, funny setup videos, spelling bee's, value brainstorming, nickname calling, coffee making, and how a stopwatch was so tricky to use"

Key Product Features:

Optimal use: Conduct 2 to 5 simulations a year; teach Lean basic to advanced principles (see "Lessons" below); great for any industry and business including healthcare room changeovers, surgery changeovers, production machine setup/ changeover/ SMED, office/call center setups, bank retail setups, and more...


Class size: 4 to 20 students (optimal size = 8)

*you can run two simultaneous simulations side by side in the same room if you buy our consumable kit (see below)


Lessons: Lean Setup/Changeover Reduction (incl. internal/external activity), Value Analysis (VA,NVA, ENVA), SMED, OEE, 5S, Time/ Observation Studies, Wastes, VOC, 2-person teamwork, and Operational Definition principles


# of simulations: 10 to 15 (limited by consumables)

*To make your training easier & better, we have a consumable kit (see below) that contains an extra coffee maker (to teach TPM and OEE), coffee, creamer, filters and more. 

Setup time: 20min

*Arranging room = 5min; Arranging roles = 5min; Describing simulation = 5min; Teaching roles = 5min

Run time:

  • Quick: 30min (small group, 1 simulation)

  • Comfortable: 1 to 2 hours (medium group, 2 simulations, video's, long de-brief/teaching)

  • Maximum: 8+ hours (some customers use this kit across multiple days of training and inside their Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black belt training programs)

Key Product Contents:

  • Lean simulation training roles for every participant

  • (10) color team cards to denote each team & supplies

  • Comprehensive trainer instructions to get you started immediately and confidently.  You can 100% customize this kit to fit your training program so just buy it and mold it to your style, outline, deliverables, etc.

  • A coffee maker (focal point of the simulation)

    ​     *If your business isn't manufacturing, the coffee maker

           emulates your business process that you're analyzing

           (healthcare surgery/room, office/call center desk,

           bank/other retail counter, etc.

  • Coffee making ingredients (special flavored coffee, creamer, filters)*You supply the water

  • (4) stopwatches, clip boards and calculators for the four teams to conduct Time/ Observation studies.  Also included is a fun "how to use a stopwatch exercise".

  • (4) amazing video's showing SMED, setup reduction, quick changeover, Operational Definition, and how to be a better process observer.

  • An on-line timer link to display overhead for all to see

  • Score Board instructions to record each team's results of VA, NVA, ENVA, % of Internal & External setup activity

  • Blank Certificates of Completion that you can customize with your team photo or logo

  • Professional briefcase for easy transportation, organization and multiple use

  • Professional portfolio to organize your worksheets, instructions and certificates individually and neatly

*We have never had a kit returned for any reason!
Lean Setup! Simulation Training Kit
*You need a source of water and electricity

Item #: LSSK  (Lean Setup!™)

Price:  $692.00

Lean Setup! Simulation Training Kit

Wanna upgrade your Lean Setup! Kit to enhance your student's experience?

Lean Setup! comes with ONE coffee machine.  The upgrade kit allows TWO coffee machines to have two operators competing, observers challenged to observe varying processes, worse break downs for better TPM lessons, better messes for more 5S, and a complicated process for improved teamwork and standard work!

Item #: LSUK  (Lean Setup! Upgrade Kit™)

Price:  $190.00

Includes: Coffee Maker & scoop, filters, water container & cord

Buy the Upgrade kit WITH your Lean Setup! kit so we can package it all in one briefcase and shipment!
Wanna train more and play more?
Buy a consumable kit today!
Lean Setup Consumable Kit

Typical Consumption: 1 kit every 1 to 2 years OR same time as simulation kit purchase


# of simulations: 10 to 15 (coffee/creamer dependent)

Lean Setup!™ Consumable Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 coffee maker

  • 1 small roll of paper towels (it fits in your kit)

  • 2 bags of coffee

  • 3 clear ziplock bags (contain used coffee/creamer)

  • 10 (1oz) packs of creamer

  • 20 paper filters for coffee maker

  • Any updated electronic files (worksheets, instructions)

Lean Setup Consumable Kit

Item #: LSCK  (Lean Setup!™ Consumable Kit)

Price:  $107.30

​Wanna make a consumable item custom order?


We have made custom orders for many customers for: 

  • Multiple kits with custom logo's on paperwork and luggage tags

  • Extra coffee and coffee makers

  • Misc. order (you can choose all combinations of what extra items you need)

Just call or email us, or click the "contact us" above and let us know what you want.  Make sure you specify your product (Lean Setup!, Lean Airplane, Vision Map, etc).

​Need us to facilitate your training?   No problem!


We offer our $1000 full day low cost rate with any simulation kit purchase. 

  • Buy one of our kits

  • We'll help customize the simulation into your Lean Six Sigma training program curriculum

  • We'll demonstrate the simulation and kit to you and your team

  • We'll run the simulation for you or co-facilitate it if you want to learn​

  • We'll teach Lean Six Sigma principles for your program

  • Pay for our standard business expenses to come to your location (anywhere around the globe)

Just call or email us, or click the "contact us" above and let us know what you want.  Make sure you specify our product you're buying (Lean Setup!, Lean Airplane, Vision Map, etc).

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