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Vision Map was Invented & launched in 2004

"This is such a FUN training tool that made learning so FUN....the scavenger hunt, funny process icons we made, color and competitive scheming, mis-spelling bee's and value brainstorming with hilarious prop cards"

Key Product Features:

Optimal use: Create 3 to 5 Vision Map's a year; learn Lean Six Sigma mapping and group facilitation techniques (see "Lessons" below); great for any industry and business.


Class size: 1 to 20 students (optimal size = 8)

*One student is essentially Vision Mapping by yourself which is definitely feasible.


Lessons/Learnings: Lean Six Sigma Mapping (SIPOC, VSM [Value Stream Mapping], Spaghetti Diagrams, Flow Charts), Waste identification, Time/ Observation Studies, VOC (Voice of Customer), VOP (Voice of Process), 2-person teamwork (when obtaining documents), Operational Definition, Formal Brainstorming, and group facilitation.


# of uses: 2 to 3 processes mapped or Unlimited with our consumable kit

*Our consumable kit (see below) replenishes your brown paper, clear tape, post it's & stickers to keep you going!

*Vision Map™ comes with 50' of brown paper which is enough to map about 2 to 3 processes

Setup time: 10min

*Just unroll the brown paper (or cut and post it on wall), and explain Vision Map™ to your group

Run time (i.e. shipping an order process): 10 hours 

  • Step 1: Collect documents = 1 hour

  • Step 2: Map process = 1 hour

  • Step 3: Red, Yellow, Green process = 3 hours

  • Step 4: Validation/Brainstorm process = 3 hours

  • Step 5: Present/Action Roadmap = 2 hours

Key Product Contents:

  • Three simple photo/illustration quick start guides to get you started immediately and confidently.

    1. 12 step "How To" use Vision Map (start guide)

    2. "How To" use all 22 items in your kit (tool guide)

    3. "How To" look like a Vision Map (reference guide)

  • Vision Map Methodology for you to 100% customize this kit to fit your training program  - - so just buy it and mold it to your style, outline, deliverables, etc.

  • 50 feet of brown "What-If" paper to tape everything to and to present your work on (it's your painting canvas!)

  • 6 formal brainstorming cards for making this FUN!

  • An Excel™ file with templates for Vision Mapping, VSM (value stream mapping), Spaghetti Diagramming, Flow Charting, and Process Mapping

  • An on-line timer link to display overhead for all to see and to keep time for each step in the process

  • Blank Certificates of Completion that you can customize with your team photo or logo

  • Professional briefcase for easy transportation, organization and multiple use of your 22 supply items

  • Professional transport tube to contain your rolled up Vision Map™ and keep it dry and easy to carry

Our Vision Map methodology is unmatched!
Vision Map in action
30 foot Vision Map half way through the process...
Lean Vision Map Simulation Training Kit Examples
*We have never had a kit returned for any reason!

Item #: VM3B (Vision Map™ with 3' wide brown "what-if" paper)

Price:  $492.00

Measure your wall, or your table to ensure you're buying the right Vision Map kit.

Item #: VM4B (Vision Map™ with 4' wide brown "what-if" paper)

Price:  $542.00

Wanna train more and play more?
Buy a consumable kit today!
Vision Map Consumable Kit

Typical Consumption: 1 consumable kit every 2-3 Vision Maps


# of uses: 2 to 3 (mostly brown paper dependent)

Vision Map™ Consumable Kit includes the following items:

  • 50' of 3' or 4' brown paper (you choose, same price)

  • 1 pack of 3" square post it's, multi color

  • 1 pack of 4" square post it's, multi color

  • 1 pack of brown tape (to match and hang brown paper)

  • 2 packs of 3/4" wide clear tape (red package)

  • 4 colored markers, multi color

  • 100 arrow stickers, multi color

  • 140 3/4" round stickers, multi color

  • Any updated electronic files (worksheets, instructions)

Vision Map Consumable Kit
Kit comes with 50' length of either 3' or 4' wide brown paper
Vision Map Consumable Kit Brown Paper

Item #: VMCK  (Vision Map™ Consumable Kit)

Price:  $67.30

Shipping Note: Must ship in two boxes (1 for long paper, 1 for everything else)

Brown Paper Note: Specify whether you want 3' or 4' width brown paper during the purchasing process (notes field)

​Wanna make a consumable item custom order?


We have made custom orders for many customers for: 

  • Multiple kits with custom logo's on paperwork, transport tube and luggage tags

  • Extra length of brown "What-If" paper

  • Misc. order (you can choose all combinations of what extra items you need)

Just call or email us, or click the "contact us" above and let us know what you want.  Make sure you specify your product (Vision Map, Lean Setup!, Lean Airplane, etc).

​Need us to facilitate your training?   No problem!


We offer our $1000 full day low cost rate with any product kit purchase. 

  • Buy one of our kits

  • We'll help customize the kit into your Lean Six Sigma training program curriculum

  • We'll demonstrate the kit to you and your team

  • We'll run the event for you or co-facilitate it if you want to learn​

  • We'll teach Lean Six Sigma principles for your program

  • Pay for our standard business expenses to come to your location (anywhere around the globe)

Just call or email us, or click the "contact us" above and let us know what you want.  Make sure you specify our product you're buying (Vision Map, Lean Setup!, Lean Airplane, etc).

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