The Official - Lean - Setup Time Reduction - Kit!
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More Effective

Lean Setup!®

For both Simulation Training & Kaizen Events!

This two-hour Lean training kit comes with 3 Lean Video's and teaches how to conduct a Setup reduction or SMED Kaizen event. Also, learn how to operate a stop watch, conduct an observational study with a clipboard & excel study sheets, identify & time each task as Value, Essential or Non-Value added, work as a team to analyze and brainstorm lean solutions and separate internal vs external activity.

Lean Setup!

Setup time is everywhere! Setup time is 100% waste!

  • Learn how to avoid setups!

  • Get front line staff to buy-in to change!

  • Accellerate Turn-around time to eliminate delays!

  • Standardize shift start-up's and employee hand-off's!

  • How did we reduce surgical room turnover time 75%, from 2.5 hours to 35 min?

    How did we reduce a machine’s changeover time 70%, from 20 to 6 hours (pineapple, soup & drink can machines) and gaining one month of annual capacity?


    What You get...The Bottom Line :

    • A hands-on training methodology and instruction. Thousands of people at all levels and various industries have used this proven methodology!

    • 1 to 2 hours of inexpensive & fun business training for 4 to 12 students

    • Ability to use everything in this kit during your next setup type Kaizen event (including excel tools, clipboards & stopwatches)!

    • A chance to make good coffee and learn!

    • A sturdy reusable kit that will outlast training your entire organization (as long as you buy extra coffee & creamer)

    • 20 minutes of phone support to get you going

    Item # LSTK: Complete Training Kit
    Price $449.00

    Lean Setup Training Kit in Action, More Effective

    The Kit Includes:

    • 1 aluminum professional transport case with convenient organization for more than 30 items

    • 1 14oz 120volt coffee maker

    • 6 items to enjoy good coffee (coffee, creamer, travel mug, filters, measuring devices)

    • Several items for 'just in case' (15' extension cord, towels, zip-lock bags)

    • A dozen items for students to learn and then apply 'real time' (4 stopwatches, 4 calculator clipboards, 4 pens, Excel Kaizen tools & time study sheets)

    • 2 page Training 'Cheat Sheet' and extensive 5 page trainer instructions with minute by minute and facilitation details like what are on your flip charts

    • The most famous Lean Setup video "building a 4 hour house" (25min length)

    • Observing a Nascar Pit Crew video and airline gate video - A unique Setup activity and interactive video questionnaire on Gemba! (15min length)

    • 1 FLASH DRIVE with all training instructions, Excel Kaizen tools & time study sheets, 4 hour house video, Nascar Pit Crew Video, Airline Gate Video, and Trainer Questionnaire

    More Effective

    Lean Setup Training Kit Case, More Effective Consulting Lean Setup Training Kit Case, More Effective Consulting Lean Setup Training Kit Case, More Effective Consulting
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