Push Pull Simulation Training Kit, More Effective

The Official Kaizen Training Kit!

More Effective


The Official Kaizen Training Kit!

This kit quickly and simply teaches the fundamental differences of how a company "Pushes" or "Pulls" product through its processes. This hands on lean simulation teaches how to look at your process from your customer's perspective, not your own! It shows you how a "Pull" system is the ideal system.

Lean Manufacturing simulation training can provide a one hour compliment to any lean training or kaizen event allowing your team to obtain business fundamentals, have a fun time, and retain the knowledge of a LEAN system.

Lean Simulation

Lean Office Simulation


What You get...The Bottom Line :

  • A hands-on training methodology and instruction. Thousands of people at all levels and various industries have used this proven simulation exercise!
  • 1 hour of inexpensive & fun business training
  • A chance to make paper airplanes!
  • A sturdy reusable kit that will outlast training your entire organization
  • 20 minutes of phone support to get you going
Item # PPSK: Complete Training Kit
Price $362.00

We have personally trained more than 3,000 people utilizing this Lean Push-Pull Kit.
Lean Manufacturing Simulation

The Kit Includes:

  • 2 Prototype Airplanes that are indestructible!
  • 5 page trainer instructions with minute by minute and facilitation details
  • Electronic & hardcopy files of 5 forms and game instructions
  • Stopwatch to keep both the lean simulation "Push" and "Pull" exercises standardized
  • QC Score Card to highlight poor quality and how standards are met
  • Score Board to show participants inventory, lead time and profitability results
  • 15 Certificates of Completion that you can customize with your team photo or company logo
  • 15 Place Cards to denote business functions and kanban locations
  • Briefcase for easy transportation, organization and UNLIMITED use
  • Outcomes by applying Kanban's, Takt Time, Line Balancing, Work Standardization, Waste elimination, Pull Systems and Jidoka methods.

*The kit does not include a half ream of white paper that you supply, and a calculator (if needed).

More Effective

This Lean Simulation Kit is best suited for:

  • Any industry.  For example, this kit compliments our Lean E.D. kit in Hospitals.  This Lean simulation kit takes hospital vernacular and language and substitutes basic Lean Training knowledge, and does it in such a quick way that it doesn't make healthcare folks say "this doesn't apply to hospitals".

  • Any Lean Kaizen event.  If you're teaching introduction to Lean Manufacturing, then this kit should be used - every time.  We have used this kit for the following Kaizen events: Productivity, Setup time reduction, 5S, Cycle Time Reduction, Cell Layout, Workflow optimization and Value Stream Mapping. 

  • Any level of skilled Lean Healthcare, Lean Office or Lean Manufacturing facilitator.  This lean simulation game takes merely 30minutes to understand and deliver for your first run.  You could buy this kit for a beginner or advanced Lean Sensei.

  • A quick Lean "Ah Ha" moment where students in your class understand Lean Thinking instantly.  This Lean Simulation game can even be delivered withOUT PowerPoint.

  • Trainers who want to:

    • Shut off PowerPoint and Turn on this Lean Simulation Game!

    • Replace your lego simulation kit or other hands on simulation kit that is too lengthy to give, to complicated to get the basics across or too encompassing for your short duration Kaizen Events.

    • Incorporate a hands on simulation into their 4 hour or one day Lean Healthcare, Lean Office or Lean Manufacturing training workshop

    • Have an unlimited Lean Simulation Kit, good for as many simulations as you have paper to utilize it with!

This Lean Simulation Game or Paper Airplane Simulation Game is the most popular and most widely used Simulation Game - used by Lean Facilitators around the world - But we are the only ones who have made a kit to standardize the methodology and make it easy to set up and deliver in minutes!

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