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Lean for Manufacturing Lean for Healthcare

Lean for Manufacturing
Start your LEAN journey today by buying one of our unique starter products

We pride ourselves on helping manufacturer's improve their capacity, cash flow and competitiveness through Lean Manufacturing solutions.

From an introduction with Lean training
to the most complex projects with multi-plant, multi-million dollar savings, we will help develop a lean program, establish a Lean road map and get you on your way to a culture of sustained and systematic continuous improvement.

We help identify your Return on Investment,
and we always obtain at least a 3:1

LEan for Manufactufing

Lean for Manufacturing

We offer the following Lean Manufacturing services:
1) Lean assessments

We help determine the scope of work, schedule and right approach to achieve your lean goals. See more about our business assessment.

2) Lean Training
We offer a whole variety of training options for your employees.  We have more than 20 Lean training modules to help customize your training requirements.  We offer 4 levels of training, categorized as LEAN 101, 201, 301, and 401.  We are prepared to train your entire workforce including executives and front line employees. On these topics and more:  

5S, Quick Room Changeover, Value Stream Mapping, Layout Design, Pull Systems, Kaizen Teams, LPMS, TPM, 6-Sigma, MORE®, Materials Management are modules within our Lean Manufacturing training compendium

3) Lean Certification
Who you're trained and certified by is extremely important. Our strong pedigree and experience to certify is important because you need a consultant who has both learned from the originators of Lean and one who can show you how you compare to the best Lean Enterprises.  You can become certified as quick as 1 day (Yellow Belt), 4-5 days (Green Belt), or 12-15 days (Black Belt) . . . . . or allow us to train you over time while you continue to run your “day job”.  Your Lean certification will allow you to train your company’s employees and certify others in Lean Manufacturing too. 

4) Lean Enterprise Consulting

80% of companies deploying Lean Manufacturing fail within their first year.  You deserve to get expert advice to setup and plan the right course of action.  When we are done you will have an infrastructure that can sustain changes in business, product, and employee growth.  Our unique LPMS (Lean Performance Management System) maintains daily accountability and a vehicle for handling growth and future cost savings.

5) Grant Subsidized Lean Training Programs
We help obtain grants that subsidize any size Lean initiative you want. Facility wide, just for a department, just for Lean or 6 Sigma certification or a full blown Lean enterprise deployment. We have obtained grants up to $250,000 in MA, NH, WA, NY, Maine and Federal that have subsidized 25% to 100% of our training service costs! For over 10 years and 100% acceptance rate we are well experienced in helping you kick start your LEAN journey!


Lean for MFG

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